Beauty Tip #1: Almond Oil

My beauty regime consists of using various oils, making homemade face masks, eating super foods & mixing up smoothies with a variety of fruits, vegs and seeds. These are just some of the simple steps I take to ensure that I am keeping my health and body in the best condition it can possibly be (don’t get me wrong, I do love a good old take out, fizzy drinks and chocolate too! –but everything in moderation).

I have decided to introduce a series called ‘Beauty Tip’ to my blog each week to share my knowledge and keep you guys updated of products I use, food I eat and anything else I find relevant which can all benefit you in your beauty regime. With that being said let’s get right in with one of my ride or die oils of all time… Almond Oil.


Almond oil is a staple ingredient in the world of health and beauty and is commonly used in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. Enriched with fatty acids, vitamin E, potassium, proteins, zinc, and a number of other vitamins and minerals that the seed and the oil contain, almond oil works wonders for the skin, hair, and health (Stylecraze, 2016).

I have been using Almond Oil for as long as I can remember…


  • Moisturizer – Almond Oil locks moisture into the skin leaving your skin feeling soft, silky and glowing. Perfect to use after a bath/shower
  • Chapped Lips – Almond Oil is perfect to cure dry chapped lips – I use this over a chap stick and it leave my lips feeling soft and moisturised
  • Makeup – Almond oil is my number 1 go to when removing makeup. Take a cotton pad -> place some Almond oil on it and wipe away that makeup.
  • Face – Each night before I go sleep I will moisturize my face with Almond Oil. This helps with even out your skin tone, removing dark circles, smoothing wrinkles and preventing your skin from sagging and staying firm. (I also heard it is great with anti-aging!)
  • Body – I use Almond Oil all over my body and it helps reduce any scars or stretch marks naturally. It takes time but you can see a big difference in your skins appearance so long term it is great!

This is a picture of my skin (Please note: I have used Aloe Vera Gel which I use as a moisturiser in the mornings, sun screen and a bit of blush)



  • Long, Shiny Hair – Everyone always asks me how my hair manages to grow very long and remain silky and shiny – Almond Oil is key for nourishing your hair. You only need a small amount and I do this maximum 2 times a month. I will massage the oil into my hair and leave it overnight and then wash it in the morning.
  • Dandruff – Almond oil keeps your scalp hydrated and moisturised and can assist with eliminating dandruff. However if you use oil on your hair regularly this can also dry your scalp out. So this is why I would recommend using Almond Oil maximum 2 times in a month.
  • Split ends – Applying Almond oil at the tips of your hair gets rid of split ends

Here is an image of my hair 🙂 (Please note: I never wear extensions)

Hair 1

I hope you all enjoyed my first Beauty Tip post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you’d like to see anything specific in my upcoming posts!

I am so excited to share great things with you all!

Mwah Xo

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