Review: Quay Australia x Desi Perkins – On the Low Sunglasses

Hey Guys!

So last week I was on a SERIOUS shopping spree…And by serious I mean that my card got declined as my bank thought it was fraudulent activity. LOL

So back to business! For some time now, I have been on the hunt for a new pair of black sunglasses, a pair that look stylish yet affordable. With all the Buzz surrounding the beautiful beauty blogger Desi Perkins and her collaboration with Quay Australia, I decided to jump right in and start my search. Having browsed through their range I came across the ‘On the Low’ style sunglasses.


I quickly checked to see which UK retailers sold them and luckily grabbed my hands on one of the last few pairs at Topshop for £40. ASOS had sold out!! After placing the order online, they arrived within 3-5 days.

Excited to try on my new glasses I ripped the packaging open and took them out of its protective case. Visually the glasses are very appealing – sleek, stylish, oversized reminding me of a high end luxury brand (Chanel, Ray Ban etc.). The black frame gives a masculine feel to the glasses however with the rose gold sides it provides a great combination of a beautifully constructed product.


The protection pouch looks sleek and stylish however its purpose in protecting the sunglasses are slim (I forgot the sunglasses were in my handbag whilst I was sofa shopping and nearly sat on them!) 


So far so good for everyday wear, the real test will be when I take them on holiday. Can they withstand going in the ocean, being placed on the sandy beach and how protected will my eyes be from the 30 degree UV rays?

Until then I cannot say whether they are value for money, however what I do know is that they look hella good!

Desi Perkins on the low.png

I love these glasses so much, I decided to get my hands on all 3 shades of the Quay x Desi High Key sunglasses. Stay Tuned for my next post on these beautiful aviators!

Until then…


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