My Dubai Travel Take

Hey guys,

I am so happy to be writing my second post in my Travel Take series. Last month I got back from the most incredible fun-filled trip to Dubai. I wanted to share my Take on Dubai for anyone thinking about visiting this symbolic man-made country renowned for its sky high buildings, shopping malls, delicious middle-eastern cuisine and beautiful beaches… & if that’s not enough, the beautifully crafted mosques, camel rides and the thrilling jeep desert safari.


I was never quite sure when the right moment was to visit Dubai (I mean it is sitting in the middle of a desert!). The only thing I was sure of, is that this was the perfect place to escape for some winter sun. Thankfully for us (My sister and I) one of our close friends was turning 25 and her birthday just so happens to fall in December (So you know what that means…) What better way to celebrate than a 5 day girls getaway to Dubai.

Some General Information

  • The local currency is called Dirham – for every £1 I received approx.. 4.7 Dirhams on TravelEx (It is worth noting that you get slightly more exchanging the money in Dubai especially in the malls. When I checked it was almost 4.98 Dirhams for every £1)
  • The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

How did we get there from London?

We flew with British Airways from London Heathrow to Dubai International Airport (6 hours and 55 minutes). We had a night flight, which meant I slept for the most part and in between that I did try to watch Wonder Woman.

Where we stayed?

We stayed at the Elite Residence which is situated in the Dubai Marina area. The apartment was nice and accommodating for 4 people. There was a 24/7 front desk security team who were extremely friendly and compliant. Close by (literally next door) is a pharmacy and a 24/7 supermarket.

I feel that the Marina area is an ideal location to be situated based on our action-packed 5 day itinerary of the things we wanted to do/see. Everything was within reasonable distance and the cost of using public transport (The tram and Yellow taxi’s) is inexpensive and easily accessible from right outside the apartment. We were also able to walk to Dubai Marina in less than 10 minutes.

What we got up to?

There is so much to do in Dubai, I don’t know where to begin. In the short while we there we tried to make the most of our days (and nights!) leaving us with a lifetime of unforgettable memories ❤ Here are some recommendations based on what we did:

Standing 828 metres high, the world’s tallest tower is one to be appreciated and ticked off the bucket list. We paid 125 AED to reach the 124th floor, which is a little over half way and may I add the view is remarkable. It’s worth noting to book in advance as queues are long and slot times fill up quickly.



Right next to the Burj Khalifa is The Dubai Mall, which features an indoor Aquarium and underwater zoo. The mall is huge and I don’t think a day is enough for all the shopaholics out there… I did manage to quickly pop into Bath and Body works and Sephora. We also had dinner at The Cheesecake factory (My first time ever!)


This awe-inspiring dancing water show is magical, I was left speechless. One of my ultimate favourite things in Dubai (Actually let me rephrase the world!)

  • Relax on Jumeirah Beach – View of the Burj Al Arab

This white sandy beach is a must see when visiting Dubai, overlooking the eminently designed Burj Al Arab which is the fourth largest hotel in the world. There are both public / private sections on this beach, the private sections can be accessed through certain hotel bookings.


Make any occasion special by booking a dinner reservation at one of the many restaurants inside the renowned Atlantis resort. We ate at kaleidoscope for 215 AED per person followed by drinks at Nobu.

  • Experience the thrilling Desert Safari

Go dune bashing. This is an adrenaline pumping experience where you drive through the desert landscape in high speed, causing the car to slide over the sand.


  • Relax on Jumeriah beach Residence


  • Stroll along the Dubai Marina at night


Overall, I love Dubai. The weather, people and food. There is always something to do. Lucky for me, I re-visited Dubai (sooner than expected) but this time with my family.

Have a great week,

Until my next post…. Xo

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